Your Family Has a Story.....Let's Tell it Together.

Whether you have one sweet child to snuggle or six squeezed onto the couch, each clamoring for their own spot, you have a story unique to you. 

I offer three basic types of family oriented sessions. No matter which session you choose, all are geared towards capturing the personalities, love, and moments that best reflect who you are as a family.  


Day in the Life Story Telling Session

Day in the Life Sessions are between 3 and 6 hours long.  These sessions are the best way to create a ticket back in time to help you and your children remember this season in your lives.  These sessions include an album of your favorite images. No house cleaning, special outfits, or planning required.  Just you, being you. We parents are often told to cherish these moments, that we will miss them when they are gone. When that day comes, and you are telling your children and grandchildren to cherish THEIR moments, you can pull out these pictures and step back in time to these days when everything was beautifully crazy. I hope you will want to share your images: your joy, tears, struggles, and celebrations. However I respect your privacy, and will only publish on social media images of your day that you have seen and approved of.

One Hour Family Session

One hour family sessions include a little posing, a lot of play, and some one on one time.  Bubbles, peek-a-boo, tickling, tree climbing, and ring around the rosy are common occurrences.  Whole family portraits, individual child portraits, and lots of interactions will be included in your gallery.



Baby and Child Milestone Session

Milestone sessions are for the ittiest bittiest newborns all the way through teenagers (who, let's be honest, are still our babies). While the session will be primarily focused on the child, interactions with family members will also be encouraged and captured. Milestone sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes, while newborn sessions can take up to two hours.  I know children operate on their own schedules. We will take the amount of time that we need to capture every bit of who they are.